We have a number of projects that we support or are directly involved with. We started off collecting and helping voluntarily registered organisations like:

We are also involved with our own independent projects, and helping out with other independent projects. Please click on the following dates to access the links.

Financial statements:

In 2017 we continued to support our school for street children in Kenya and medical clinic for street children in Indonesia. Medical clinic in rural areas of Nepal is up and running, and the donations from 2016 could support them over 2017.

Total amount of donations to Kenya and Indonesia was 4101.90 €.

Fighting for Lives does not have any overheads. Fees and travel costs are covered from our own pockets so that 100% of the collected donations go to the destinations.

Destination Cause Total donation / € W.r.t. in 2017 / €
Kenya Continuation of the school for street children 3060 3060
Indonesia Medical clinic 1042 1041.90
Bank services and other fees 180
Total Expenditure 2017 4281.90
TOTAL AVAILABLE FUNDS Direct donations, World Fighting for Lives Weekend,
General regular martial arts events through the year

Financial statements from 2008 to 2017